Alma Nunn on the early days of Nunns' paddock

Alma Nellie Victoria Nunn.

Sidney Nunn's daughter, Alma (pictured in 1994) has some recollections of life at Nunns' Paddock.

NOTE: Nunns' Paddock is now the site of a meatworks.

Most of David and Rachel’s children lived in slab huts on the property and eventually built houses over the years. Alma remembers that her father Sid loved fishing.

On one occasion, while still dressed in her Sunday best, her father took her and her brothers Bill, Frank and Arthur to the river.

Alma slipped into the water and ruined her "lovely silk hat". She remembers walking home in her dad’s coat, swinging the hat.

Sid, who died in 1919 aged 46, married Selina Rose Hawkins, and they had 15 children (but not all survived to adulthood) - Norman, Evelyn, William, Grace, Sidney, Eric, Doris, Esme, Jack Frank, Alma, Arthur, Gladys, Bert and Dudley.

The youngest, Dudley passed away in 2010. Sid and family moved away from Nunns' Paddock and built a house nearby on Brisbane Road, Dinmore.

The house was demolished about 1980 to make way for the main road.

Alma, who did not marry, then bought a house not far down Brisbane Road. Alma had a wonderful sense of humour and described herself as "an unclaimed treasure".

Alma says that Nunns' Paddock was sold to Slack’s Slaughter Yard.

Alma first worked at Morrow’s Chocolate Factory. She also worked at the Ipswich Hospital in the laundry for nine years.

Many of the Ipswich Nunns used to gather each August at the home of Dorothy Fowler.

Dorothy’s mother is Evelyn Alice, eldest daughter of Sid Nunn and Rose Selina Hawkins. Evelyn married John Maxwell.

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David Nunn family group.