Speculating with a wife - Leicester Chronicle 22 January 1876, page 6:

A Swiss paper gives a story of fraud lately practised upon a baker near Zurich. A very prepossessing young man, calling himself Arbenz, and giving  Andelfingen as his birthplace, had hardly been ten days in his service when he received by post an important-looking letter which purported to emanate  from the English Legation at Berne, and apprised him that the Duke of Worcester had bequeathed him his title and property worth £400,000. He  showed the letter to his master, and offered to give him one-tenth of the legacy if he would part with his wife, who had all along been smitten with the  young man. The baker agreed, and, the fortunate youth not liking to present himself at the Legation without better clothes, he fitted him out, and  advanced him 350f. to boot. Thereupon Arbenz and the baker's wife took their departure, both making purchases at Zurich to appear in better trim. They went on to Berne, and the young man professed to go to the legation, and brought his partner confirmation of his succession to the dukedom. 

Meanwhile, the baker's mother, suspecting the truth of the story, went over to Andelfingen and found that Arbenz was unknown there; her son being  informed of this, set the police in motion, and the young man was arrested in a Zurich hotel and taken off to prison. The woman was taken back to her husband, who at first insisted on a month's penitence, but was prevailed upon to take her in, especially as he had to reproach himself for parting with  her for the sake of filthy lucre.