I have images from Scotland from various sources that connect to the Silvers of Kincardineshire. My line connects through Alexander Silver who married Isobel Falconer

See below for some comparisons between images with my narrative below.

Isobel Falconer at left with her sister Helen next, are identified with some degree of certainty. The image of Helen comes from family group on the back of which is written Mr and Mrs Martin (Helen Falconer married William Martin; as well the Martin family is referred to in correspondence that I hold). The next image is also Isobel Falconer (a bit younger and possibly wearing the same headpiece) and comes from a larger group image with her children (see below). The woman at right could be another of the Falconer sisters (perhaps Mary Ann) and the image is taken from a larger group photo (see further down the page).



Thanks to Silver cousin Bob McD in Aberdeen who looked at this photo with a clear mind (as opposed to my fuzzy thinking) and proposed it was the Harvieston Silver family. Fairly obvious really given that the image came from a collection that belonged to my g-grandfather James Silver. I have added known images of the five Silver siblings and their mother Isobel Falconer who is seated in the front. So the brothers from left are John, James and Alex  with Hellen (left) and Isobel either side of their mother. And it also seems obvious that this would most likely have been taken about 1890 just before James headed off to Australia. I think you'll agree that the mother's 'hooded' eyes (is that an adequate description?) are obvious in some of her children.


Identified on the back as Mr and Mrs Martin, which confirms this to be Helen Falconer (seated right) with her husband William Martin (left). Presumably the others are family members. Helen had five daughters and one son, so this doesn't help identify who the likely family members are. Note that Helen has similar 'hooded' eyes to her sister Isobel in the image of the Harvieston Silvers.


Compare the image of John Bisset that Ann Mackay provided (left) and the one found in the large group picture (see below). As well, compare the image of Barbara Simpson (left) with an image (right) from the same large group picture (see below).


Family group image that potentially includes John Bisset (standing far left) and his wife Barbara Simpson (kneeling third from left). As well the short woman at the back could be one of the Falconer sisters, and there is a strong case that it could be Isobel who married Alexander Silver because his sister Jane was married to David Bisset, and was the mother of above-mentioned John. If so, that then suggests the bearded fellow could be Isobel's husband, Alexander Silver. However, because Alexander Silver died in 1882, that requires this image to be before then. Comparing known images of Alex and Isobel's children, a case could be made for those standing to the right of Isobel as  son Alexander (who married Ellen Watt in 1894), daughter Hellen (who married Alexander Duncan in 1882; note he is not in this image), son John (who did not marry) and daughter Isobel (who married John Duncan in 1905). That leaves an unidentified man at far right because it is not my great-grandfather James Silver. The picture was obviously taken on a family occasion and it could have been in 1876 when John Bisset and Barbara Simpson married which seems strange given they are not pictured together and Barbara's dress doesn't suggest a wedding gown.


This image was provided by the late James Murray Silver of Palo Alto, California. There at two images at left of James Silver who was married to Mary Ann Falconer; the next image is of his son James Silver who married Anne Finlay and moved to America, followed by his grandson, James Silver, who married Hazel Conkin and his great-grandson James Silver who died unmarried in WW2.