Gordon David Nunn main image in 1953/54 with his wife June and first two children. The rest of his children in birth order from top right obviously born since 1953. Gordon (1925-1975) was a railwayman who died in an accident doing the job that provided for his family.

Gordon David Nunn: a short life

Gordon was the second child born to George and Winnie Nunn; his mother affectionately called him "Dumpling" because of his love of that food.

Along with his siblings he grew up in Margaret St, Rockhampton, apart from a time spent in Longreach which is about 700km by road west of Rockhampton

While there Gordon almost drowned in the local swimming pool as he was never taught to swim. He completed his schooling at Allenstown Primary in Rockhampton which is directly opposite the house.

He entered Queensland Railways as a lad porter and worked his way up to become a station master. For a time he stepped away from the job and, in doing so, lost some benefits of seniority.

In June 1950, he married Norma June Dobbs, the daughter of John Alexis Dobbs Coker and Bella Silver. They had seven children, six of whom survived to adulthood. Daughter Annette died in an electrical accident in 1978 just a couple of months short of her 21st birthday.

The family was at Benaraby near Gladstone until 1962 when Gordon was posted back to Rockhampton where we lived at 2 Flynn St, near the Base Hospital. He was a relieving station master which meant he spent weeks at a time at outlying stations partly because the money was better.

In 1975, he was at Yarwun near Gladstone when a work accident cut short his life aged 50. He was helping out in the shunting process when he made an error of judgment and stepped in between the buffers of two coal wagons and was fatally injured.

Following are various images, including excerpts from Gordon's birth, marriage and death certificates.

Gordon's birth certificate.

Gordon's wedding certificate.


Gordon's death certificate.


Gordon in 1948 in Rockhampton.


Gordon on motorbike at Boolburra around 1950.

Rolling a cigarette.


Gordon and June in 1953/54 with children Denise and Don.

Gordon in 1941 with brothers Alex and Colin.

Gordon in the 1940s.

Gordon and June on 20 May 1973 at his niece Lynette Ireland's wedding.

Gordon and June at Boolburra.

Gordon and June at Emu Park.

Gordon and June "playing music" at Boolburra.

Gordon Nunn, left, with older brother Arnold and friend Steve Ridge (seated).

Gordon with motorbike in 1974.

Gordon at right with wife June and brother Trevor and his wife Laurel. Pictured at Flynn Street, Rockhampton on 20 April 1967 the day his sister, Helen, was married.