Denver, Colorado, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HERR, Frederick Daniel  8 Feb 1891Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086294
2 HERR, Fredrick Daniel  29 Apr 1918Denver, Colorado, USA I18313089318
3 HERR, Margaret Elouise  29 Jun 1925Denver, Colorado, USA I18313088972
4 LIVING   I28057482843
5 RIDLEY, Reuben Thomas  6 Jul 1918Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086291
6 RIDLEY, Ruenella Ann  16 Apr 1926Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086290
7 SILVER, Alexander Ross  20 Mar 1915Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086364
8 SILVER, Mary Williamine "Ina"  29 Mar 1893Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086288
9 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  9 Nov 1901Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 FINDLAY, Annie  1 Jun 1950Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086285
2 HERR, Frederick Daniel  25 May 1953Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086294
3 SILVER, James  4 Mar 1914Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086263
4 SILVER, Mary Williamine "Ina"  10 Jan 1953Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086288
5 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  Abt 1956Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HERR, Frederick Daniel  1930Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086294
2 HERR, Fredrick Daniel  1930Denver, Colorado, USA I18313089318
3 SILVER, Mary Williamine "Ina"  1930Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FINDLAY, Annie  1923Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086285
2 HOWARD, Marion  1927Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
3 HOWARD, Marion  1928Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
4 HOWARD, Marion  1929Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
5 HOWARD, Marion  1931Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
6 HOWARD, Marion  1932Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
7 HOWARD, Marion  1933Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
8 HOWARD, Marion  1934Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
9 HOWARD, Marion  1937Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086295
10 RIDLEY, Reuben Thomas  1932Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086292
11 RIDLEY, Ruenella Ann  1944Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086290
12 RIDLEY, Ruenella Ann  1947Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086290
13 SILVER, Howard Findlay  1948Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086296
14 SILVER, Howard Findlay  1951Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086296
15 SILVER, Nellie Rae  1932Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086286
16 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1927Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289
17 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1928Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289
18 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1929Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289
19 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1931Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289
20 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1932Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289
21 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1933Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289
22 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1934Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289
23 SILVER, Ronald Alexander  1937Denver, Colorado, USA I18313086289