Chedburgh, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARBOURN, Caroline  Abt 1849Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140600002
2 ARBOURN, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140600004
3 MORTLOCK, Charley  14 Dec 1886Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151948
4 MORTLOCK, Dinah  02 Sep 1883Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151952
5 MORTLOCK, Ellen Louisa  10 Aug 1879Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151950
6 MORTLOCK, Frederick James  Abt 1878Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151946
7 MORTLOCK, Harriett  Dec 1889Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151954
8 MORTLOCK, John A.  Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151968
9 MORTLOCK, John Alfred  13 Jan 1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000152162
10 NUNN, Charles Robert  24 Jan 1816Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I20276711487
11 ROWLAND, Alice  12 Dec 1844Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313085409


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CRACK, Sarah Ann  29 Apr 1830Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088528
2 HOWES, Catherine  8 Jul 1786Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I20276711482


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ARBOURN, Caroline  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140600002
2 ARBOURN, Elizabeth  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140600004
3 ARBOURN, George  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140597469
4 ARBOURN, Robert  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140599459
5 ARBOURN, Sarah  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140600001
6 ELEY, Mary  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088943
7 MORTLOCK, Alfred  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151679
8 MORTLOCK, Alfred  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151679
9 MORTLOCK, Beatrice Mabel Mary  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151967
10 MORTLOCK, Charley  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151948
11 MORTLOCK, Dinah  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151952
12 MORTLOCK, Ellen Louisa  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151950
13 MORTLOCK, Ellen Louisa  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151950
14 MORTLOCK, Frederick James  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151946
15 MORTLOCK, Frederick James  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151946
16 MORTLOCK, Harriett  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151954
17 MORTLOCK, John A.  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151968
18 MORTLOCK, Joseph  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151944
19 MORTLOCK, Joseph  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000151944
20 NEWMAN, Ann  1871Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084208
21 NEWMAN, Ann  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084208
22 NEWMAN, Ann  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084208
23 NEWMAN, Ann  1901Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084208
24 NEWMAN, Ann  02 Apr 1911Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084208
25 NEWMAN, Mary Ann  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130140600000
26 NEWMAN, Sarah  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088665
27 NEWMAN, Sarah  1861Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088665
28 NEWMAN, Sarah  1871Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088665
29 NEWMAN, Sarah  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088665
30 NEWMAN, Sarah  02 Apr 1911Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088665
31 NUNN, Amelia  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084367
32 NUNN, Amelia  1861Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084367
33 NUNN, Arthur  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084186
34 NUNN, Arthur  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084186
35 NUNN, Arthur  1901Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084186
36 NUNN, Catherine Anne  1881Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000146744
37 NUNN, Catherine Anne  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I130000146744
38 NUNN, Charles  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088668
39 NUNN, Charles  1861Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088668
40 NUNN, Charles  1871Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313088668
41 NUNN, Dorothy Mabel  1901Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084187
42 NUNN, Dorothy Mabel  02 Apr 1911Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084187
43 NUNN, Eliza  1861Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084213
44 NUNN, Eliza  1871Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084213
45 NUNN, Elizabeth  1861Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084362
46 NUNN, Elizabeth  1871Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084362
47 NUNN, Emma  1851Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084364
48 NUNN, Emma  1871Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084209
49 NUNN, Emma  1891Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084203
50 NUNN, Emma  1901Chedburgh, Suffolk, England I18313084203

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 NUNN / HOWES  15 Apr 1806Chedburgh, Suffolk, England F1420