Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 JOHNSTON, Susan Ann Whyte  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19925889224
2 MOIR, Frances Julia  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923713267
3 MOIR, Hector McDonald  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923718993
4 MOIR, Hector McDonald  1920Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923718993
5 MOIR, John Troup Jr  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923721702
6 MOIR, John Troup  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923713266
7 MOIR, John Troup  1920Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923713266
8 MOIR, Louisa Agnes  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923713268
9 MOIR, Louisa Agnes  1920Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923713268
10 MOIR, William Whitmore Goodale  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19923721703
11 SILVER, David Thomson  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19925889229
12 SILVER, James Walter  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19925975238
13 SILVER, Louisa  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I18313088258
14 SILVER, Louisa  1920Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I18313088258
15 SILVER, Louisa Easter  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19925889228
16 SILVER, William  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I18313088261
17 SILVER, William Onomea  1910Papaikou, Hawaii, Hawaii Territory I19925889226