London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEZODIS, Sophia J  Oct 1914London, England P2511
2 DOW, Leslie  Abt 1900London, England P8075
3 DOW, Muriel Helen  Abt 1896London, England P8076
4 FOREMAN, Charles James F  1895London, England P8437
5 HOWDEN, Gertrude Agnes  Abt 1875London, England P8074
6 NUNN, Charles Alfred  11 Apr 1899London, England P6694
7 NUNN, Doris Eleanor  Abt 1904London, England P6696
8 TAHOURDIN, Philip  3 Aug 1856London, England P8079
9 WRIGHT, Herbert James  24 Jun 1887London, England P9958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEZODIS, Sophia J  Oct 1914London, England P2511
2 HAIR, Elizabeth  15 Oct 1915London, England P2105
3 PARISH, Charles David  19 Dec 1955London, England P6613
4 WALLS, William Marcus  28 Jun 1964London, England P9670
5 WRIGHT, Herbert James  11 Jun 1955London, England P9958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COKER, Emma Ann  1861London, England P548
2 COKER, Harry John  23 Dec 1860London, England P3562
3 COKER, James  14 Aug 1862London, England P544
4 COKER, John  31 Jul 1866London, England P545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Dearma Madge  5 Nov 1949London, England P3617
2 BALLENDEN, Edith Constance  21 Jun 1953London, England P9877
3 BROHIER, Eileen Ruth Cecile  22 Mar 1951London, England P8927
4 ESSON, Charles Robert  21 Jun 1953London, England P4717
5 ESSON, Mary Prudence  11 Apr 1958London, England P4716
6 OLNEY, Clara Jane  27 Mar 1921London, England P3779
7 SILVER, Donald Marshall  21 Jan 1949London, England P6623
8 SILVER, Margaret Donaldson  21 May 1922London, England P6140
9 SMART, Elsie Helen Ann  16 Jan 1936London, England P5900
10 STEER, Cyril Wilton  6 Mar 1936London, England P8456
11 STEER, Michael John Wilton  16 Jan 1936London, England P8455


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BAPLE, John Henry  8 Apr 1940London, England P8817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Dearma Madge  6 Aug 1953London, England P3617
2 CARD, Albert  London, England P3464
3 COKER, Ada Mary Anne  London, England P2213
4 COKER, Arthur  London, England P2214
5 COKER, Emily Florence  London, England P2212
6 COKER, Harry  London, England P2186
7 COKER, James Thomas  London, England P2207
8 COKER, Jane Elizabeth  London, England P2225
9 COKER, Leonard William Thomas  London, England P2224
10 COOPER, William  London, England P2144
11 DOUGLAS, Annette Morley  26 Jul 1958London, England P1467
12 EASY, Louisa  London, England P5379
13 ESSON, Charles Robert  London, England P4717
14 GORDON, Christian Silver  22 Dec 1949London, England P9227
15 GUDMANN, Guntha Christina  London, England P2849
16 HANDLEY, Minnie Ella  London, England P2284
17 KENDALL, Miriam Towler  London, England P8642
18 LEE, Emily  London, England P2209
19 LINTOTT, Florence Evelyn  15 Apr 1949London, England P8355
20 MACDONALD, Jessie Finlayson  27 Mar 1924London, England P7768
21 MORISH, Sarah  London, England P6491
22 NUNN, Beryl Dora  London, England P8383
23 NUNN, Charles  London, England P4874
24 NUNN, Charles Robert  London, England P8645
25 NUNN, Eliza Miriam "Minnie"  London, England P8650
26 NUNN, Ellen Miriam  London, England P8648
27 NUNN, Emily A  London, England P8647
28 NUNN, Emma  London, England P8649
29 NUNN, Frederick Towler  London, England P8646
30 NUNN, Josiah Joseph  London, England P8644
31 NUNN, Zillah  London, England P8382
32 PIKE, Gertrude Ellen  London, England P2159
33 RABJOHNS, Thomas William  London, England P6114
34 SAYERS, Johnathan  London, England P3626
35 SAYERS, William  London, England P3625
36 SECKHAM, Nora Adair  12 Oct 1928London, England P9158
37 SILVER, Alexander Brown  8 Dec 1932London, England P3113
38 SILVER, Alexander Brown  3 Jan 1936London, England P3113
39 SILVER, Alexander Brown  23 Apr 1937London, England P3113
40 SILVER, William McDonald  7 Oct 1903London, England P9111
41 SLEAFORD, Robert Arthur  London, England P3671
42 SMART, Elsie Helen Ann  2 Aug 1952London, England P5900
43 STEER, Cyril Wilton  24 Jun 1936London, England P8456
44 STOREY, Alfred Harley  11 Dec 1951London, England P3130
45 STOREY, Harley Payne  1 Sep 1920London, England P7898
46 STRATHIE, David  9 Nov 1929London, England P2196
47 TRATTLES, Mary  London, England P3483
48 WESTWOOD, Stanley King  27 Mar 1924London, England P7745


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Earnest Masson  26 Sep 1961London, England P8918
2 COKER, Ada  8 Mar 1950London, England P561
3 COLLIE, Arthur Law Middleton  29 Jul 1932London, England P5748
4 ESSON, Alice Catherine  18 May 1966London, England P4733
5 FLOYD, Roberts Patrick  23 Feb 1966London, England P9644
6 HALL, Elsie May  24 Feb 1965London, England P10015
7 MADLEY, Alfred  26 Apr 1933London, England P9933
8 MADLEY, Frank  19 Apr 1940London, England P9939
9 MADLEY, Lucy Mildred  22 Jan 1959London, England P9930
10 MIDDLETON, James  19 Jan 1966London, England P5746
11 NUNN, Miriam Howard  6 Nov 1939London, England P9243
12 OWEN, Ellen Louisa  16 Dec 1964London, England P9960
13 WALLS, William Marcus  7 Aug 1964London, England P9670
14 WEBB, Lucy  15 Jan 1951London, England P7294
15 WEBB, Sidney James  10 Oct 1933London, England P9934
16 WOODALL, Robert Drury  9 Dec 1929London, England P597
17 WRIGHT, Herbert James  12 Sep 1955London, England P9958

Probate Date

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate Date    Person ID 
1 APLIN, John George Olebar  28 Apr 1915London, England P7884
2 BAPLE, John Henry  10 May 1940London, England P8817
3 BAPLE, John Henry  10 May 1940London, England P8817
4 BISSET, James Gordon  20 Nov 1947London, England P2628
5 COKER, James  22 May 1953London, England P668
6 COSTA, Edith Da  15 Jul 1922London, England P2566
7 ELFICK, Minnie  29 Aug 1961London, England P4298
8 ESSON, Alexander Silver  9 May 1952London, England P4738
9 ESSON, George  11 Sep 1928London, England P2641
10 HOWE, May Florence  3 Jun 1947London, England P8779
11 NAPIER, Frances Aytoun  8 Nov 1892London, England P7423
12 STOREY, Amy Maud  13 Apr 1923London, England P3766


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAPLE, John Henry  1939London, England P8817
2 BARTH, Walter Henry E  1939London, England P6313
3 BRIDDON, Walter  1939London, England P8821
4 CLARK, Mary Hayman  1871London, England P2086
5 COKER, Alice  1939London, England P3642
6 COKER, Arthur Thomas  1939London, England P3640
7 COKER, Charles ("Sunny")  17 Mar 1884London, England P3638
8 COKER, Doris ("Dolly") Lilian  1939London, England P6294
9 COKER, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1887London, England P3643
10 Coker, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1887London, England P3637
11 COKER, Elizabeth Alice  1939London, England P6300
12 COKER, Ellen M   P7643
13 COKER, Florence Clara  1939London, England P3566
14 COKER, Fredrick Gilbert Maxwell  16 Jan 1894London, England P2107
15 COKER, George Joseph  1 Mar 1897London, England P2111
16 COKER, Hugh  1939London, England P3572
17 COKER, James Hammond  8 Dec 1898London, England P2109
18 COKER, Jessie Elizabeth  25 Aug 1896London, England P2507
19 COKER, John Francis   P7644
20 Da CRUZ, Jose  1920London, England P3388
21 FITZGERALD, Norah  1939London, England P7642
22 GILES, George J  1939London, England P9955
23 GILES, Henry William  1939London, England P9956
24 GILES, Hilda Ethel  1939London, England P9966
25 GILES, Percy  1939London, England P9953
26 HAYWOOD, Dorothy Brenda Gladys  1939London, England P9963
27 HOWE, May Florence  1939London, England P8779
28 Living   P6295
29 LUCKINS, Clara May  1939London, England P9978
30 MADLEY, Alfred F  1939London, England P9959
31 MADLEY, Alfred James  1939London, England P9929
32 MADLEY, Alice Maud  1939London, England P9931
33 MADLEY, Dorothy May  1939London, England P9964
34 MADLEY, Eileen Lucy  1939London, England P9961
35 MADLEY, Lucy Mildred  1939London, England P9930
36 MADLEY, William Leonard  1939London, England P9932
37 NUNN, Albert Cecil  7 Mar 1904London, England P4938
38 NUNN, Muriel Edith  1939London, England P8902
39 OWEN, Ellen Louisa  1939London, England P9960
40 PALACIO, Frank Clare  1939London, England P9949
41 PARISH, Herbert William  24 Aug 1896London, England P3428
42 PECK, Daisy Florence  1939London, England P9879
43 SPARKS, Frances Elizabeth Julia  1939London, England P6301
44 WEBB, Lucy  1939London, England P7294
45 WEBB, Richard James  1939London, England P9924
46 WOODALL, Robert Drury  1905London, England P597
47 WRIGHT, Alfred Herbert James  1939London, England P9957
48 WRIGHT, Herbert James  1939London, England P9958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unspecified    Person ID 
1 PLUMB, Percy Albert  2 Dec 1959London, England P7934
2 WESTWOOD, James  9 Jan 1907London, England P7198


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 COKER, William  1851London, England P2217